Three In The Net, but One Got Away

Spent yesterday afternoon/evening on the Kennet. Having fed a mix of boilies and pellets into a few swims, I thought I’d make a start in a swim that’s already produced a few fish for me this season. Tackled up with a feeder filled with groundbait and pellets, with 2 pellets on the hook. Second cast saw me into my first barbel of the day, which was very soon in the net, due to it barely going 2lbs (and that’s being generous). Still, a barbel’s a barbel and never to be sniffed at. 

Swim no 2

The Kennet In Its Summer Glory

I had to wait a while for my next fish – another barbel, but a bit bigger at about 4lbs. It gave a very good account of itself, and just wouldn’t give up. As dusk fell, I moved to one of the pre-baited swims, switching tactics to straight lead and a paste-wrapped boily hookbait. I gave it an hour, but there was no sign of anything moving,  so I switched to another of the pre-baited swims. First cast saw a dace take the bait (how does such a small fish get a big bait in its mouth?). The next cast had barely settled before the rod-top wrapped round, and another 4 pound barbel was tugging away at the end of line. 

After that fish had been returned, the next cast soon produced a belting bite, but the main line popped on the strike. 😦 This is the second time this has happened to me this season and is worrying as the line I’m using has previously been very reliable. Looks like a change may be due.

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