Rain Does Little to Refresh the River

Overnight, there’d been some quite heavy showers, but it made no noticable change to the river conditions for my outing on the Kennet on Saturday. The river was still low and clear (about as clear as it gets these days, since the canal was re-opened), and the fish were not exactly throwing themselves at the bait.

After last week’s line failure, I respooled with fresh line before setting out. Started on the pellet feeder in a normally productive swim, but four hours spent on this method produced just a solitary small barbel of around 4lbs. Usually I expect this swim to come alive at dusk, but apart from “bat-bites” the rod-top remained motionless.

It was a change of bait to a paste-wrapped boily that sparked a little bit of action, firstly with a 3lb chub, then another 4lb whisker. But that was the end of it. The day was fairly typical of the season so far, always catch a barbel or two, but nothing particularly big, and apart from one session early in the season, the fish haven’t been going mad.

Was given the opportunity to test out my newly purchased jacket. It’s waterproof, light(ish)weight in realtree pattern and made by Deerhunter. A very heavy shower that lasted about 30 minutes tested the waterproofing, and it passed with flying colours. It is also very comfortable to wear. I think it will do well as a summer/autumn jacket when the weather is wet or not so warm.

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