I Get A Funny Feeling Inside Of Me…

…Just walking up and down. So goes the song beloved of pearly kings and queens. But those words applied well to yesterday’s session on the Kennet.

I had a walk along the stretch when I first arrived in mid-afternoon and hand-fed 3 or 4 handfuls of broken boilies and pellets into a few swims. One of those swims was one that I’d never fished before, and had generally walked past without giving it a second thought. But this time I had closer look, because a near-bank willow bush has grown out over it, providing a reasonable amount of cover and it now seemed to have a bit of a “fishy” feel to it.

Having done my baiting, I decided to while away the daylight hours by plonking a groundbait/pellet feeder into a swim that has already produced a few fish for me this year. I had to wait an hour for the first bite, which turned out to be from a nice barbel of 7.14, my best of the season so far. 2 smalller specimens fell to the pellet bait before darkness fell.

About an hour before dark, I’d been back to the swims I’d baited before, and added some more pellets and boilies. Once it was properly dark, I decided to fish the new swim that I’d been baiting. I lowered a boilie bait into the swim and found that it was quite a bit deeper than I thought it would be. Half an hour passed, and I was just contemplating whether to either move swims or fall asleep, when the rod-top suddenly lurched powerfully round. A tense battle ensued as a strong fish tried to get under the willow bush. It was a good old tug of war, with just a few feet of line between the rod tip and the fish. Eventually I netted the fish and could see that it was a good one. The scales settled on a weight of 9.09 – my best barbel for nearly 4 years. I was very pleased with that and that my “gut-feel” had paid off.

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  1. AndyP

     /  September 5, 2010

    Congrats Pete. That’s a good fish considering the stretch you are fishing. I guess that means that the new reels are now well and truly christened.


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