Well That Was Sh…

Crap night out in Brum on Wednesday. In typical West Ham fashion we managed to throw away a 2 goal aggregate lead. Then after the game had to run the gauntlet of Brummies who mistakenly thought that spraying mace and throwing various objects from behind the safety of a row of police vans made them look hard. Fortunately I managed to avoid the worst of the problems.

Still gutted that we bottled the second half of the game. But you could see it coming right from the start of the half. We had played well in the first period and deserved to extend our lead courtesy of an excellent strike from Cole, who had a very good half. Unfortunately his injury severely restricted him as the game went on, and Hines was pathetic. So with no-one upfront to hold onto the ball, it just kept getting pinged straight back at us. This was where we suffered due to the stupidity of Obinna and Piquionne, whose avoidable red cards meant they were unavailable. If we’d even one of them to use, it could have been a different story.

And in other news, we go from supposedly signing Martin O’Neill to actually signing Gary O’Neil. Makes me wonder if the “inside source” at West Ham that leaked the story simply heard the surname and added 2 to 2 and got 5. Don’t know much about him really, he didn’t particularly impress on his short time on the pitch on Wednesday, but unfair to judge on that. At the moment though, I wish it had been the Martin version that we’d got.

And in yet more news, we sign Demba Ba, a striker with a decent record in the Bundesliga, but who failed a medical at Stoke and an initial one with us. Yet we are so desperate to find a saviour (as opposed to a Savio) that we went ahead and signed him anyway. We really need this to pay off, but I fear it won’t.

Demba Ba, Demba Ba, that’s how it goes
Demba Ba, Demba Ba, everyone knows
We all suppose that there’s gonna be goals, when we hear Demba Ba

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