Tackle Time

Just ordered myself a couple of new custom-built rods to take to the bank next season. Both are hand-built by Bob Gill of Angling Innovations. I already own a pair of BFW i-Powers built by Bob and they are lovely rods.

One of the new rods will be a trotting rod, built on a Harrison GTI SU blank. I currently own a Fox barbel float rod, and it’s ok but often feels a bit undergunned, hence the desire to have a rod that is more capable of dealing with an angry barbel.

The second rod is a Torrix 11′, 1.75 t.c. barbel rod. This will be used when I’m fishing one rod and roving around. As it is a shorter length than my i-Powers, it will be better suited for use in a few of the tighter swims that I fish.

From my experiences with my i-Powers, I can highly recommend Bob’s rods. They are built on top quality blanks and superbly hand-crafted. Bob offers a lot of custom options for his builds, including choice of handles, reel seats, whippings, rings and personalised graphics. For those who like to night-fish, the isoblobs are a very useful addition.

Of course, they are not budget rods, but sometimes if you want quality, you have to pay for it.

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