I Know I Shouldn’t Be, But…

…I’m as excited as a little kid about the start of the new football season this weekend. You’d think that as I’m coming up to my 30th consecutive season as a season ticket holder at Upton Park, I wouldn’t get so worked up about it. But I can’t help it, I’m really looking forward to the kick-off.

It’s a new era now for West Ham, with Big Fat Sam in charge – a manager who’s public perception is that his style is far removed from that traditionally associated with the club. It will be interesting to see how he lays out his West Ham teams this season, and what the crowd’s reactions will be.

I’ve been reasonably impressed with his transfer dealings so far given the financial constraints, especially with Nolan, and to a lesser extent Matt Taylor. We’ve even managed to keep our England players so far, except for Upson and he’s no loss. Unfortunately I don’t expect that to last until the end of August and still think that Parker will go at least. I only hope when he goes, that we have enough time to use some of the transfer fee to bring in some more players to our squad. It looks as though we are reasonably sound in the middle of the park, but we do need some reinforcements at the back and up front to.

Sunday can’t come soon enough!


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