Crewe Cut Short, Fulham Fooled, A Few Bob Saved


So following the abject performance in Wales, it was back to the Boleyn for a League Cup match against 3rd tier Crewe. Now these games are normally the proverbial banana-skins for us (Aldershot at the same stage last season for example), but this game was a very nice change from that. We started with an almost totally different side to the one that began the game at Swansea. Diarra and Maiga of our new signings got their first starts; the defence was completely unrecognisable, with youngsters Danny Potts and Jordan Spence included; Nicky Maynard, Stephen Henderson and Gary O’Neil had their first starts of the season.

Right from the start, we played quick, incisive football on the floor, to which Crewe had little answer. Goals from Maynard and Maiga put us firmly in control and allowed three more youngsters, Fanimo (who looked lightning quick) at LB, George Moncur (who looks the spit of his dad) and Robert Hall to get a run out. All in all, a very satisfactory evening. To end the game with 5 youth team players on the park and still be in control of the game was great to see.


We followed this later in the week with some exciting signings before the transfer window close, notably the loan signing on Andy Carroll. Now, with a big centre forward like Carroll in the side, most football followers would have expected a Sam Allardyce team to resort to the stereotype of BFS’ reputation and lead to a complete “hoofball” game. In fact, Martin Jol, Foolham’s manager was so obviously expecting it to happen, that even after the game, he was hilariously claiming that his team had been unable to cope with our long ball tactics, despite the evidence of the match that had unfolded in front of him.

BFS Extracts the Urine While Jol Chews A Wasp

Now it’s true to say that we were at times direct (why not when you’ve got Carroll in the side winning everything in the air and terrorising the opposition defence?), but in the first half especially, we played some quality football on the deck. We coupled this with organisation and solid defending, to the extent that the Cottagers were restricted to a few long range efforts at goal until the last couple of minutes, when Jussi made two very good stop in quick succession.

Carroll’s performance was just about everything you could ask for from your centre-forward, dominant in the air, mobile, working to close down defenders when not in possession. All he needed to cap it off was a goal. Unfortunately he finished with a hamstring injury which hopefully won’t keep him out for too long.

Saving Some Dosh

Signed up to get the match programmes delivered electronically, so I now can read them on PC, tablet and phone. Cost £25 for the whole season, which will save me around £50. Mobile app is a bit flakey at the moment though, but hopefully the authors will iron out the bugs. Will also save me filling the attic and cupboards with the hundreds of programmes I’ve bought over the years and never thrown away.

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