Not So Hot To Trot

Got the float rod out for today’s session on the Kennet, and a spent a few hours trotting the stream. Yet again though, the river seemed almost lifeless. In previous years on this stretch of the river, trotting maggots would see you catching plenty of dace, minnows and other small fish, not to mention the odd chub. But this time, the small fish were almost absent. However, I did briefly hook a couple of big fish (probably barbel, but I didn’t have them on long enough to be certain), but both times the hook pulled. I suspect I’d not struck hard enough, as both fish took the bait 30+ yards down the trot, so a good strike was needed to set the hook properly. Only myself to blame here I think, but very frustrating all the same.

At Least The Weather Was Nice

I can’t recall the last time I went 3 river sessions at the start of the season without landing a barbel. However, I can take some solace in that other anglers on the stretch are reporting the same lack of success. I only hope this is a short-term malaise caused by the unusually cold spring we’ve had, rather than signs of a more serious issue, and that things will pick up with some warmer weather.

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