West Ham Fans Fighting For One Of Their Own

There is a popular website for West Ham fans called Knees Up Mother Brown, better known as KUMB, which has very active discussion forums. One of the regular and most popular contributors to the forum is a guy who goes by the moniker “Cockney Hammer”. His daily news round up is avidly read by Hammers fans around the globe. He has also been running two nostalgia threads, posting hundreds of pictures of West Ham related memorabilia, much of which he has collected himself over several decades of supporting the club. Although he doesn’t get to games much these day, he is one of those who have previously “done the miles” over many seasons of following the club up and down the country.

In recent years, his personal life has been troubled by neighbours who don’t do the word “inconsiderate” justice, with loud music being played at all hours of the day and night. It has had as serious effect on his family and health. Despite pleas to the authorities who should be doing something about it, nothing has been done. Finally things came to a head a few days ago, when CH felt that life was not worth living anymore. Fortunately, the damage was not too bad, and he is now back home recovering. It is a sad world when peoples’ lives are made a living hell and the authorities are not willing to listen or act.

Once the members of KUMB found out about the latest events, they rallied round to offer support, both practical and moral. Many have sent letters or emails to both the mayor of Newham and the local MP. The mayor has responded favourably to these communications, so let us hope that something positive finally comes of a sad situation.

At times like this, I’m proud to be counted as part of the West Ham family.

The story can be read in full here…



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