Reviving Memories

Been going through my old football programmes recently. Having amassed nearly 40 seasons of them from getting on for 1000 games, and having stopped buying them every game as I used to (I now get them delivered to my phone), I’ve decided that I need to clear out a lot of them, as part of a de-cluttering of the house.

So I’m slowly working my way through them, making a spreadsheet record of all the games (geek moment!), keeping some that have special memories and getting rid of the rest.

Some of the games bring back some great memories, and others bring back some nasty memories – great victories, cup triumphs, horrible defeats, promotions, relegations, first visits to away grounds, great crowd moments and the occasional riot. It’s funny that all I need to see is the score and scorers from a game, and the memories can come flooding back.

Not from every game, certainly – 1000 games is a lot to remember, and these days I sometimes struggle to remember what happened last week, never mind 35 years ago.  🙂 , but there are many that I can recall at least in part – for example, see the scorers from a game, and remember how a particular goal was scored. And many of these were before the days of every goal being on tv, so these memories are really precious as there’s no chance of ever reliving them on-screen.

Here’s the front cover from a game in October 1982. Not a memorable game itself, but the cover pic is a bit special for me – I’m in it! Top centre of the photo.

Programme with me on Cover

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