Slow Day

Summer had arrived in force, with temperatures close to 30C, for the latest visit to the little lake. Luckily the swim I was in was nicely sheltered by trees, keeping direct sunlight off me, so I was relatively comfortable.

But fishing was very slow compared to previous visits. I did hook a fish on my first cast which slipped the hook, but it was only a small fish, either a rudd or skimmer bream.

There was a carp or two showing, as usual they were knocking around right in the edge. Watch the lily pads and reeds being disturbed…

At one point, a carp was mooching around on the top, mouthing at stuff on the surface, and it even tried to eat my float!

Eventually I did get a fly-away bite that had my float heading rapidly for the lilies. I clamped down on it to stop it going any further, but the fish was too powerful and after a few seconds, the 8lb hook-length parted.

Late on I switched from sweetcorn to a soft pellet on the hook, and straight away started getting bites, but they weren’t positive, and I think most likely from small fish.

Despite the lack of action, the lake is a very pleasant place to be. I noticed that the moorhen chicks that I video’d last week have about doubled in size over the seven days since. Also there was entertainment to be had watching the shoals of rudd that were all over the surface, scattering every time the shadow of a bird flew across the lake. You could follow the progress as the rudd were erupting in a line along the lake as the shadow crossed them.

Apart from the lack of catches, the big disappointment of the day when I arrived was to find that the padlock at the car park for the venue had not had its combination scrambled after the last person had used it. Then as I went to leave at the end of the session, the code had not been scrambled again. I don’t understand why anyone would not do this, after all it only takes a couple of seconds and a flick of a finger to turn the numbers after closing the padlock. And leaving the car park insecure could lead to all sorts of problems, not the least of which is upsetting the owners and losing the water.

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