Wiki Uses My Site As A Reference!

Just discovered that the Wikipedia page about West Ham United F.C. supporters references my website for info on songs sung by West Ham fans!

I feel quite chuffed by that!

Let’s All Laugh At…

Normally it would be other teams’ fans laughing at West Ham, but after comfortably retaining our Premier League status this season, it’s given us the chance to have a bit of a laugh at other club’s expense. Recently I’ve posted about the demise of Reading, QP Ahahahaha and Shitfilled United. Now we can add Newcastle to the list.

Just what does Mike Ashley thinks he’s doing with the appointment of Joe Kinnear (there’s a joke in ‘ere?) as director of football? Kinnear’s football philosophy belongs to a time that should be long gone. Not even Big Fat Sam’s tactics are as antediluvian as Kinnear’s.

Joe Kinnear


This recording is from his time as manager at Newcastle a few years ago. Comedy gold 🙂 Warning: Naughty words – not suitable for children or those of a nervous disposition.


This radio interview he gave yesterday, while giving the impression he’d consumed too much “hospitality” before going on air. It’s full of err “misinformation” and pronunciation errors.

It seems from what’s been said about Kinnear’s role, that Pardew’s responsibilities have been watered down somewhat, along with those of Graham Carr, their chief scout, who has been credited with unearthing a lot of the overseas players that helped get Newcastle into the Europa Cup. I can’t see Pardew putting up with too much interference in the running of the team from Kinnear (if any at all) and I suspect he will not see out the coming season. Maybe that’s what Ashley wants, though quite why I don’t really understand. They may have come close to relegation this season, but that was probably down to them taking the Europa Cup seriously without having the playing resources to maintain that campaign alongside a decent domestic season.

I can’t help feeling that we’ll be having a few more laughs at Newcastle’s expense during the next few months.

On a more serious note, Kinnear has already had a heart attack, let’s hope this job doesn’t have an adverse effect on his health.

Return of a Hammer

Going back more than 20 years now, I used to stand with the same little group of people on the Boleyn Ground‘s (in)famous Chicken Run Terrace. Four of us were season ticket holders there for several years, covering the time when the terracing was converted to seating in the mid-90’s. We all arranged our season tickets to ensure we were all sat together after the transition. But ticket prices began to rise sharply, and that meant two of our group had to give up their seats.

That just left Clive and me to carry on. When the new West Stand opened and the pitch was moved across to that side of the stadium, we decided to relocate to the Lower West. For me, this was kind of completing a circle, as the old West Side was where I’d spent my first few seasons as a regular at the Boleyn. When that was converted to seating in 1981, I moved to the Chicken Run via a season on the North Bank. For both of us, it meant leaving behind some great memories of the Run, but hoping to gain some new ones on the West Side. Of course, in typical West Ham fashion, they promptly got relegated! But the promotion campaigns of the next two seasons gave us some more memories to treasure, notably the first play-off semi final against Ipswich – what a cracking night that was – and the second play-off final.

This was followed by the FA Cup run to the Final the following season, although we lost it was still a day to be a proud Hammer. I dropped Clive off on the way home after the game, fully expecting to see him the next season in his usual seat. But come the first game, he wasn’t there. Nor was he there for the next few games. Eventually I found out that the pressures of supporting a growing family had meant that he’d had to give up his ticket. I know he was choked by this decision, but of course it was the right one for him to make.

So from then until now, I’ve been “on my own” – though of course I’ve got to know some of the regulars around me well over the years. Then just before the recent season drew to a close, I heard from Clive that he was considering a return and hoping to bring his son as well. He wanted to know if there were a couple of free seats close to me that he might be able to snap up for next season.

Well as it happened, his old seat had been free for almost every game since he’d had to give it up (which kinda makes me wonder how the club can claim sell-outs!), so that was one seat possibly sorted. On the other side of my seat from Clive’s old one, the guy who had sat there for many years had moved away from London and as a result was giving up his season ticket. I was able to sort things so that it might be possible to arrange a transfer of the ticket to Clive.

Knowing West Ham, they would probably find a way of making things difficult, but I heard from a very happy Clive a couple of days ago that he’d managed to sort the tickets for the seats either side of me. So Clive will be back next season, along with his boy.

Thanks for making all this happen should go to Mike who agreed to transfer his ticket, Barry for passing on my contact details to Mike, West Ham’s ticket office for allowing it to happen, and especially to Mrs Clive for financing the ticket purchases [and letting him off the leash for 20-odd times during the season 🙂 ].

Look forward to seeing you again, mate.


One Season On

Today is the last day of the Premier League season, and coincidentally also the anniversary of the day we gained promotion by beating Blackpool in the play-off final at Wembley. Sky’s trailers for this season’s play-off matches showing that marvelous piece of TV where Carlton Cole is shown in slow motion celebrating the winning goal while a sea of claret & blue go mental behind him, has brought back great memories of that day.

With just today’s match against Reading to play, we have secured our place in next year’s PL with a reasonable degree of comfort. The season has had its ups and downs, but overall I think we can be pretty happy with the way it has turned out. Our home form has been fairly consistent, including a notable win against Chelsea, and a draw against champions Man Utd where we were perhaps unlucky not to get the victory. On the downside, we couldn’t find the net on our travels, and this cost us a lot of points. It’s a flaw that we must address for next term, otherwise we could really struggle.

Andy Carroll has been on a good run of form since his return from injury and I would like to see his signing made permanent, but I suspect that the combination of transfer fee and wages demands will mean we can’t afford him. We need to add some more strength in depth, particularly in defence, and if signing Carroll means we can’t use funds to strengthen elsewhere on the pitch, then it would probably be the wrong move

We were probably lucky that the opening few fixtures in August and September were quite kind to us, giving us the chance to put a few points on the board and gain some confidence before the more difficult games came up. We took advantage, and got the platform to be able to absorb the hits we took in the middle part of the season. Just when it looked as though we could be dragged into the relegation fight, we went on a decent run that pulled us clear again.

Off the pitch, the big talking point is the confirmation that we will be moving to the Olympic Stadium in 2016. Despite the addition of retractable seating, I still can’t see it be a suitable venue for football. The so-called “supporter consultation” (held after the decision was made and therefore not going to impact it), was nothing but a marketing exercise, with leading questions designed in such a way as to encourage people to look positively on the move. As such, the club were always going to be able to spin the results such as to appear that the majority of fans are in favour. However, this contrasts with the views of fans (mainly season ticket holders) that I’ve spoken to.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Part 2

Shitfilled United fail again in the play-offs, making it 7 failures in 7 attempts. Way to go with our £25m, Blunts! Deserve to be Premier League? As Jim Royle would say…My arse!

Travel Nightmare

I usually drive to home games, but yesterday my usual route round the M25 was disrupted by a chemical spill that had closed the road and caused severe delays. Knowing this before I left home, I checked the tube options. I have two options normally if travelling by tube, which are either Met line from Hillingdon, or Central line from West Ruislip. The Met line was closed due to engineering works, so off to West Ruislip it was. Now usually this option would be Central to Mile End, then District to Upton Park – a straightforward trip. However, the District was shut between Tower Hill and West Ham due to engineering works. So the “reserve” option was to switch to the Jubilee at Bank through to West Ham and pick up the District there. No real problem, or it shouldn’t have been!

When my train had reached Northolt, the driver announced that due to a signal failure at Liverpool Street, trains were being held while the power was switched off. 10 minutes later, we were off again, but the signal fault had not been fixed and it was very slow going from then on. After a protracted journey into White City, I decided that at the current rate of progress, I was unlikely to make the kick-off. So another change of plan – hopped off at White City, nipped down to Wood Lane and took the H&C to Hammersmith, then changed again to the District line to Westminster, changed to Jubilee to Stratford, then District again  to Upton Park, arriving about 2 minutes after kick-off.

Was it worth it? Well, not really, as the game finished 0-0, and it was a scoreline that fairly reflected the game. At least the journey home was OK.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

You’re both going down,
You’re both going do-own,
Reading and Redknapp,
You’re both going down.

And good riddance to both!!! Enjoy the Chumpionship, mugs.


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Crewe Cut Short, Fulham Fooled, A Few Bob Saved


So following the abject performance in Wales, it was back to the Boleyn for a League Cup match against 3rd tier Crewe. Now these games are normally the proverbial banana-skins for us (Aldershot at the same stage last season for example), but this game was a very nice change from that. We started with an almost totally different side to the one that began the game at Swansea. Diarra and Maiga of our new signings got their first starts; the defence was completely unrecognisable, with youngsters Danny Potts and Jordan Spence included; Nicky Maynard, Stephen Henderson and Gary O’Neil had their first starts of the season.

Right from the start, we played quick, incisive football on the floor, to which Crewe had little answer. Goals from Maynard and Maiga put us firmly in control and allowed three more youngsters, Fanimo (who looked lightning quick) at LB, George Moncur (who looks the spit of his dad) and Robert Hall to get a run out. All in all, a very satisfactory evening. To end the game with 5 youth team players on the park and still be in control of the game was great to see.


We followed this later in the week with some exciting signings before the transfer window close, notably the loan signing on Andy Carroll. Now, with a big centre forward like Carroll in the side, most football followers would have expected a Sam Allardyce team to resort to the stereotype of BFS’ reputation and lead to a complete “hoofball” game. In fact, Martin Jol, Foolham’s manager was so obviously expecting it to happen, that even after the game, he was hilariously claiming that his team had been unable to cope with our long ball tactics, despite the evidence of the match that had unfolded in front of him.

BFS Extracts the Urine While Jol Chews A Wasp

Now it’s true to say that we were at times direct (why not when you’ve got Carroll in the side winning everything in the air and terrorising the opposition defence?), but in the first half especially, we played some quality football on the deck. We coupled this with organisation and solid defending, to the extent that the Cottagers were restricted to a few long range efforts at goal until the last couple of minutes, when Jussi made two very good stop in quick succession.

Carroll’s performance was just about everything you could ask for from your centre-forward, dominant in the air, mobile, working to close down defenders when not in possession. All he needed to cap it off was a goal. Unfortunately he finished with a hamstring injury which hopefully won’t keep him out for too long.

Saving Some Dosh

Signed up to get the match programmes delivered electronically, so I now can read them on PC, tablet and phone. Cost £25 for the whole season, which will save me around £50. Mobile app is a bit flakey at the moment though, but hopefully the authors will iron out the bugs. Will also save me filling the attic and cupboards with the hundreds of programmes I’ve bought over the years and never thrown away.

Up The Swansea Without A Paddle

Or a clue. For we didn’t really have a response to Swansea’s quick passing game. Having said that, if we hadn’t given way the first two goals with basic errors, we might have salvaged something from the game. But we gave ourselves too much to do and were always vulnerable to the counter. We looked dangerous from set pieces in the first half, and could have pulled a goal back just before the break, but for a goal-line clearance from a Cole header. Second half we were fairly clueless. Our midfield was too ponderous, slow getting the ball away, and too easily closed down.

This was my first visit to the Liberty Stadium. It is pretty much like all modern “flat-pack” stadiums , with nothing particularly special to mark it out from the rest, other than there were plenty of toilet facilities, which is not common at many grounds. Home support was very noisy – they did have plenty to be noisy about of course.

M4 was busier than I expected on the way down, so got into the ground a few minutes late, having made the last bus from the park and ride facility off the M4. This was a useful option after the game though, as the buses got a police escort back to the car park. so we were back on the motorway in reasonable time.