Common Cravings

The river season largely fizzled out, with only 2 trips to the banks after the September Wye holiday. The persistent floods put paid to a lot of the fishing. Andy & I had a couple of days on the middle Severn in March, which were somewhat unproductive, with only a couple of barbel and a jack pike to show for our efforts.

There were also a couple of trips attempting to lure a pike or perch from the canal. Apart from one very small pike (and I mean small!), this was a fruitless endeavour.

So, come the spring, and time to set sights on some carp and maybe some tincas. Off to the canal we went, and bloomin’ chilly it was too, with the spring sun yet to make its mark on the countryside. It seemed the fish were waiting for some warmth to bring them to life as Andy managed one carp, but I blanked.

Next on the agenda was an effort to catch a tench. We studied our club cards for a suitable venue and chose one, only to discover it was shut on the day we intended to fish due to a working party. So more research was done, and a second venue was chosen. There were two lakes on the site, but as one had a river running through it, it was shut for the close season. Typically, it looked the better of the two lakes, but the other one certainly looked good.

There's Tincas Out There Somewhere

There’s Tincas Out There Somewhere

Unfortunately the fish refused to come out to play, and our efforts came to nought.

Andy rests his eyes while waiting for the bite alarms to play a happy tune.

Andy rests his eyes while waiting for the bite alarms to play a happy tune.

Next up was a return to the canal in search of the elusive cyprio. The weather was at last showing some spring warmth, with temperatures moving into the low 20’s. Some warm sun on their backs seemed to improve the carps’ appetites, as at last I got some bites. I was keeping an ear on the commentary from the FA Cup Final (why does that have to kick-off at 5 o’clock? What was wrong with a 3 o’clock start?) Somewhere in between Hull’s second goal and Arse’s first, my swim sparked into action, and the bites came faster than those early goals at Wembley. First off, a common of 7lbs. Almost as soon as I’d returned the fish and put the rod out again, it was off, but somehow I failed to connect. Out went the bait again, and within a minute the alarm was bleeping furiously as a small common of about 3lbs tore off.

As with the football, the action slowed a bit after the hectic start. It was another 45 minutes before the next bite, yet another common, this one going around 6lbs and a further 30 minutes before a 5lb-er came to the net. All these bites had come to one rod, using a “Crave” boilie and pop-up, which stinks but the carp seem to like it.

The late spring sun shines on new life

The late spring sun shines on new life

It went quiet for a fair while then, and it wasn’t until the sun had nearly dropped over the horizon, before the next action. This time, it was the other rod that produced. This fish must have a sweet tooth, as it chose a white chocolate and coconut concoction. Finally, just as it got fully dark, the “Crave” rod took off again, but this time, after having played the fish for a couple of minutes, the hook pulled, much to my frustration, although I don’t think it was a particularly big fish.

So at last, the spring fishing has produced a few fish. Not big ones, but some excitement anyway.


Carping On

Out on the GUC at the moment, trying to catch the first carp of the year. Weather is lovely but no signs of any carp activity yet. image

Update: Blanked. ¬†ūüė¶

Still Can’t Catch a Carp

Well I still can’t sort out those crafty canal carp. Had another crack at the GU yesterday, trying to see if I could break in my new carp rods, and to experiment with a new bait, but it wasn’t to be. Although I may have been close this time, as I had a run on one rod, which I somehow managed not to hook. I’m not convinced it was a carp though, as it was a slowish run, not¬†a screamer. I wonder if it could have been a bream that had picked up the bait but not taken it in fully.

Just after 5 o’clock¬†a very noisy party started up somewhere close by. As I wasn’t there to dance, I soon decided to up-sticks and move to a different venue. Predictably, I had the same lack of success there as I had at my first choice venue.

Can’t Catch Crafty Canal Carp

To escape from Royal Wedding hysteria, I had a go at catching a carp from the GU on Friday, giving me the opportunity to try out my new super-duper Рor actually rather cheap Рnew carp rods and bite alarms. However, being properly kitted out for the occassion made no difference to my successes because, as per normal when trying for a canal carp, I failed to even get a bite.

Although I’ve fished the GU a few times before, this was my first time on this particular section. Andy told me there was a better chance of a fish here, ha ha ha!

I think we managed to get the only thunderstorm of the day in the entire south-east of the country¬†during the afternoon. Fortunately, it didn’t last too long, bringing heavy rain and some hail for about 20 minutes, with the main lightning storm generally passing a reasonable distance away.

Not long after the storm had passed, Andy recast to a new position, and had his bait taken almost as soon as the lead hit bottom. A mirror carp of 10.05 gave him a spirited battle before being netted. This was the last action of the day, so we decided to adjourn to the pub at about half past eight, which was probably the best idea of the day.

The local bird (feathered kind!) population did at least provide a distraction, with a red kite, sparrowhawk and heron all making appearances, but the best sight of the day was a duck with her brood of about 10 very young ducklings, who may very well have been out for their first swim.

I swear one day I will sort out those canny carp!

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