All Quiet on the River Front

Out on the Kennet yesterday afternoon/evening. It was peaceful, so peaceful in fact that the fish decided not to disturb things by being so bold as to take my baits. There was an overall feeling that the river’s inhabitants were totally at rest. Nothing seemed to be stirring at all. No fish were topping anywhere and not even the crayfish were active, which is very unusual.

I suspect the barbel and chub may have other things on their minds at present. With the unusually cold spring we’ve just had, it’s likely that the fish are spawning late this year. That’s my excuse anyway!

The highlight of the day was hearing a cuckoo –  the first one I’ve heard for several years. Nice to hear, although not if you’re another bird that might get an egg chucked out of the nest to be replaced by the cuckoo’s one. Did you know that cuckoos have perfect pitch and usually sing in the key of C?

The Late Evening Sun Lights Up The Far Bank

The Late Evening Sun Lights Up The Far Bank

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