Wildlife and Even Some Fish

A pleasant day fishing a lake today. Wildlife was interesting. Saw a hare as I arrived at the water, haven’t seen one of those for some years. As it isn’t March, it was behaving quite sensibly.

Had two robins for company during the day. I fed them some maggots, but they were quite camera shy, though I did manage a couple of reasonable snaps. There was a kingfisher too, who seemed to be catching quite well. Not seen one of those on the venue before.

Raptors were quite prominent too, with kites, buzzards and a sparrowhawk putting in appearances.
I even managed to catch a few fish, starting with some small perch. Then the float shot off and a lively carp was halfway through the lily bed before I’d even reacted, and it kept going once I’d leaned into it, almost getting out the other side of the lilies before I could turn it. A steady pull got it most of the way back to my side of the lilies, but then all went solid. But the slack line trick worked, as the fish started to move again and I got it out into clear water. A few minutes later, six pounds of mirror carp was in the net.
After that excitement, I had a couple more small perch, but the afternoon went rather quiet, and just three rudd fell to my maggot baits.
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