River Season Gets Underway

Out for the first trip of the new seasonĀ  today. Nothing showing in the first couple of hours. Nobody else reporting anything either. Doesn’t look too promising.


Update: First fish of the season has fallen and it wasn’t what was expected. It was a fighting fit common carp weighing exactly 9.00.


It came from a very strange bite. The rod top started nodding gently, just an inch or so bend in the tip, and at first I put it down to the prolific crayfish population in this river. But it continued this nodding action and I began to think this was a bit odd, as normally the crays tend to pluck and snatch at the bait. On closer examination, I realised the line was coming back upstream towards me. This was definitely no cray! I struck, and all hell broke loose as the carp splashed at the surface then tore off across the river.

While I was playing it another – larger – carp was following it around for while. The one on the hook gave a very lively account of itself, taking several arm-aching minutes before coming to the net, during which time it made a number of short but powerful runs. What made it even more exciting was that I was using a centrepin.

There is a certain irony here, in that I’d had four trips to the canal prior to the start of the season specifically after carp, with only one small fish to show for it. Then when I set out to catch barbel, along comes this fish! Funny old world.

The capture was notable for me for a number of reasons…

Biggest river carp
Biggest fish on a centrepin
First fish caught using a centrepin for legering

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