Carp Prove Elusive

Two more sessions on the little lake this week, fished in contrasting conditions. The first was in temperatures pushing into the 30s and blazing sunshine. The second saw the thermometer showing around 10 degrees lower than the first and overcast skies.

On both occasions, carp were very visible all over the lake, but looking very lethargic. On the second visit, the swim I chose had six carp on the surface close in when I arrived. They didn’t seem to be bothered at all while I was tackling up even though they must have been aware I was there. Indeed, they didn’t even flinch while I was checking the depth of my float right in among them. But as soon as I introduced some loose feed, they melted away.

It wasn’t until late in the afternoon, both times, that the fish began to show some activity, with tench and bream fizzing at various points in the swim. I managed to land three tench on the first visit, losing another, and on the second visit, it was skimmer bream that showed, with a last-cast mini-tench to end the day – small but perfectly formed.

I seem to have sorted a method that puts a few tench in the net, but it looks like I need to refine my tactics to tangle with the more elusive carp.

Oh, and “Mad Mama” Moorhen was spotted seeing off a wood pigeon.

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